Episode 167 – Objects to Observe in November 2021 Show Notes

Best event for November: A partial lunar eclipse that presents better than Mays full lunar eclipse.

Planetary Roundup

Mercury and Venus are both covered by the Moon while Jupiter displays Moon shadows. Saturn is beginning to lose its altitude, numbing the time telescopic observing can view fine details. Uranus is at opposition, now is the time to attempt observations but you may use the Moon to point it out later in the month. Neptune is also well placed near Jupiter.

November 3rd – Double Shadow transit where in Central North America we just see Io’s Shadow but it’s on the disk at the same time as the Great Red Spot. There is also an early afternoon daylight Occultation of Mercury by the Moon. Check local times via planetarium software or magazine articles but this is less than 15-degrees away from the Sun so exercise extreme caution and practice solar safety.

November 4th – New Moon late on 3rd good chance to see a Moon 20hrs before new. Also gegenshein becomes visible. Dave spoke on this in Summer.

November 5th – Uranus at Opposition and South Taurid Meteors peak!

November 8th – Venus is 1.1-degrees south of the Moon and an Occultation occurs for parts of China, Russia and Japan.

November 11th – First quarter Moon plus Jupiter in the same low power binocular field. Lunar X also visible.

November 18th – Uranus and the Moon pair up for binoculars.

November 19th – Full Moon and an excellent Partial Lunar eclipse visible from North America.

November 27th – Last Quarter Moon. Dwarf PLanet Ceres at opposition ~7th magnitude.

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