Episode 115 – Objects to Observe in May 2021

Objects to Observe in the May 2021 Night Sky Best events for observing in May: Mercury/Venus and a Lunar Eclipse Planetary Roundup Mercury – Begins the month in Taurus where it appears as a very early evening object on the western horizon paired with Venus a wide field binocular distance away. Mercury reaches greatest easternContinue reading “Episode 115 – Objects to Observe in May 2021”

Episode 105 – Objects to Observe in April 2021 Show Notes

Best night sky event for April: Lyrid Meteor Shower Planet Roundup Jupiter & Saturn in the Constellation Capricornus which rises in the morning sky just before Sunrise – so whenever we are talking about them it’ll be am time. By the end of April Jupiter has moved eastward into the constellation of Aquarius as itContinue reading “Episode 105 – Objects to Observe in April 2021 Show Notes”

Episode 97 – Objects to Observe in March Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 97 of the Actual Astronomy Podcast, Objects to Observe in the March 2021 night Sky. We use a finder circle of 8-degrees like a wide-field binocular and  a 5-degrees for scale, observers should note your fist at arm’s length is 10-degrees and common finders and binoculars have fields typically in the 5-degreeContinue reading “Episode 97 – Objects to Observe in March Show Notes”

Episode 89 – Larry’s Detailed Observing Report

Overall Impressions:The Starbase 25mm Kellner is very small – smaller even than the stock 20mm plossl that came with my scope. It looks downright puny in my prism, but, the build seems quite solid and it has a good weight in the hand. It needs more back focus than my other eyepieces – about oneContinue reading “Episode 89 – Larry’s Detailed Observing Report”