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#173 – Observing Minor Planets and Asteroids The Actual Astronomy Podcast

  1. #173 – Observing Minor Planets and Asteroids
  2. #172 – Partial Lunar Eclipse Observations
  3. #171 – All About the 2021 Partial Lunar Eclipse
  4. #170 – Suitcase Observatory Update & Pondering New Telescopes
  5. #169 – Autumn Observing Part 2

Episode 167 – Objects to Observe in November 2021 Show Notes

Best event for November: A partial lunar eclipse that presents better than Mays full lunar eclipse. Planetary Roundup Mercury and Venus are both covered by the Moon while Jupiter displays Moon shadows. Saturn is beginning to lose its altitude, numbing the time telescopic observing can view fine details. Uranus is at opposition, now is theContinue reading “Episode 167 – Objects to Observe in November 2021 Show Notes”

Episode 150 – Objects to Observe in September 2021 Show Notes

Best events for September: The Moon pairings with Uranus and Neptune make for great opportunities to hunt these elusive planets down. Planetary Roundup Mercury – remains lost in the Suns glow for the Northern Hemisphere while the Southern Hemisphere is treated to an excellent Eastern Elongation.  Venus – barely escapes the Suns glow hanging outContinue reading “Episode 150 – Objects to Observe in September 2021 Show Notes”

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