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#140 – Objects to Observe in August 2021 The Actual Astronomy Podcast

  1. #140 – Objects to Observe in August 2021
  2. #139 – Dark Sky Packing Survival Guide
  3. #138 – No Clouds, But Lots of Forest Fire Smoke
  4. #137 – Another Listener Mailbag Episode
  5. 136 – Unplanned Gegenschein Observation

Episode 131 – Objects to Observe in July 2021 Show Notes

Objects to Observe in the July 2021 Night Sky Best event for July: Moon, Mars and Venus in the same binocular field. Planetary Roundup Mercury – The innermost planet has another Great Wesern Elongation, however, the bright sky during short summer nights makes just finding, let alone observing the planet, a challenge. Mars and VenusContinue reading “Episode 131 – Objects to Observe in July 2021 Show Notes”

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