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#297 – Objects to Observe in February 2023 The Actual Astronomy Podcast

  1. #297 – Objects to Observe in February 2023
  2. #296 – Higher Capacity Mounts for Visual Observing
  3. #295 – Reflections of a Newtonian Observer with special guest Mike O’Brien
  4. #294 – Stars You Should Know With Dave Chapman
  5. #293 – How to Observe Comet 2022 E3 ZTF

Episode 297 – Objects to Observe in February 2023 Show Notes

In this episode we’ll talk about the Zodiacal light, Venus and Neptune in the same field of view, the Moon pairing up with Venus & Jupiter then the Moon before it gets so close to Mars in your telescope. Oh and just to let those listening on the 365 Days of Astronomy you can catch…

Episode 294 – Stars You Should Know Show Notes

Focusing on classic Greek-Roman names with occasional indigenous references. The classic names are used in some GoTo telescope software for sky alignment (e.g. Sky-Watcher SynScan and Celestron). Spectral classes O B A F G K M — Annie Jump Cannon  References: Star Tales (2018) Ian Ridpath Star Names (1963) Richard Hinckley Allen  Sky Safari 7…

Episode 287 – Objects to Observe in January 2023 Show Notes

January 1st – Occultation of Uranus by the Moon for Eastern NA just after dark and UK Europe etc. in early AM. January 3rd – Another Occultation of Mars by the Moon Favoured regions would be West Coast of NA just before dawn on the 3rd. Maybe those in Japan and Alaska have the best…

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