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#311 – Beginner Astronomy Books The Actual Astronomy Podcast

  1. #311 – Beginner Astronomy Books
  2. #310 – Winter Wide Field Wonders
  3. #309 – Chris Seeks Listener Advice For His Next Telescope Purchase
  4. #308 – Northern Stars You Should Know With Dave Chapman
  5. #307 – Listener Emails

Episode 310 – Winter Wide Field Wonders

Filters: It never ceases to surprise me how few observers have a set of 2-inch high quality UHC, OIII and H-Beta filters and instead more people seem to have a couple UHC and OIII 1.25” filters which they seldom use. They likely migrated to 2-inch low power eyepieces and their 1.25” lowest powers yield exit…

Episode 308 – Northern Stars You Should Know With Dave Chapman Show Notes

months. Stars You Should Know (Dave Chapman, 2023) Coming up:  Spring (May) Summer (July) Fall (September) South Polar (November) Focussing on classic Greek-Roman names with occasional indigenous references. The classic names are used in some GoTo telescope software for sky alignment (e.g. Sky-Watcher SynScan and Celestron). Spectral classes O B A F G K M…

Episode 304 – Objects to Observe in March 2023 Show Notes

March 1st – There will be a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, for us in central North America they will be about a ½ degree apart, that’s still close enough to see in the same field of view in most low- medium power telescopes! So you’ll see the crescent of Venus and maybe Jupiter’s Moons.…

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