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#330 – Objects to Observe in June 2023 The Actual Astronomy Podcast

  1. #330 – Objects to Observe in June 2023
  2. #329 – A Solar Eclipse Expedition With Clark Muir
  3. #328 – How to Use a Star Atlas
  4. #327 – Carbon Stars, Splitting Sirius B, a Wooden Pier, and Sun Spots
  5. #326 – Spring Stars You Should Know with Dave Chapman

Episode 326 – Spring Stars You Should Know with Dave Chapman Show Notes

Stars You Should Know—Spring (Dave Chapman, 2023) Coming up: Summer (July) Fall (September) South Polar (November) Focussing on classic Greek-Roman names with occasional indigenous references. The classic names are used in some GoTo telescope software for sky alignment (e.g. Sky-Watcher SynScan and Celestron). Spectral classes O B A F G K M — Annie Jump…

Episode 324 – Objects to Observe in May 2023 Show Notes

May 5th – Full Moon and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – but the Penumbra is just the outer part of Earth’s Shadow. For visual observers we might detect a mild dimming of the Moon .. but it’s not going through the Umbra so it won’t get dark or turn red and, having tried to see…

Episode 314 – M51 With Alister Ling Show Notes

Lord Ross Sketch scanned by Alister LingSketch by Michael O’BrienJim Case was the first to send along an image of M51Peter Monson Sent us an Image, Here’s my M51 image. It was taken with the C9.25 with the 0.63 focal reducer. Richard Covey from Edmonton RASC Centre wrote:Here is my M51 image as requested for the upcoming…

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