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#278 – Mars, Jupiter, & DSO Observing Reports The Actual Astronomy Podcast

  1. #278 – Mars, Jupiter, & DSO Observing Reports
  2. #277 – Learning the Night Sky
  3. #276 – Schmidt Cassegrains versus Dobsonians
  4. #275 – Listener Observing Reports
  5. #274 – New 85 Degree Pentax Eyepieces

Episode 272 – ATM-ing with Special Guest Tom Otvos Show Notes

Check out Tom’s website for more info about his journey making amateur telescopes https://astronomy.tomotvos.ca Here is a picture of Mel Bartels and Tom at the Black Forest star party. Mel was to look through the scope he helped Tom make: Here is Artemis ready for action: And finally, for the technically-minded, here is the before/afterContinue reading “Episode 272 – ATM-ing with Special Guest Tom Otvos Show Notes”

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