Episode 261 – Objects to Observe in October 2022

October 3rd – first quarter Moon & Lunar Straight Wall visible

October 5th – Saturn 4 degrees North of the Moon

October 7th – Neptune is 4 degrees North of Moon

  • October 8th – Morning Sky – Mercury greatest Elongation West 18-degrees from sun. Best morning apparition this year.
  • October 8th Jupiter NW of the Moon by ~ 4 degrees
  • October 9th – full Moon in Pisces
  • October 11th/12th – Uranus Occultation by Moon
  • October 12th – Double Shadow Transit on Jupiter.
  • October 14th/15th – Moon and Mars in same binocular field.
  • October 16 – Io Shadow Transit on Jupiter
  • October 17th – Last quarter Moon
  • October 18th – 230 Athamanthis Opposition & mag. 9.9

Athamantis (minor planet designation: 230 Athamantis) is a large main-belt asteroid that was discovered by K. de Ball on September 3, 1882, in Bothkamp. It was his only asteroid discovery….named after Athamantis, daughter of Athamas the mythical Greek king of Orchomenus.

  • October 19th – Double Shadow Transit but I think the UK this time is favoured
  • October 20/21 – Orionid Meteor Shower Peak – Comet Halley
  • October 23rd – Zodiacal Light Visible in East for next 2 weeks
  • October 25th new Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse – Scandinavia, Eastern EU.

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