Episode 314 – M51 With Alister Ling Show Notes

Lord Ross Sketch scanned by Alister Ling
Sketch by Michael O’Brien
Jim Case was the first to send along an image of M51
Peter Monson Sent us an Image, Here’s my M51 image. It was taken with the C9.25 with the 0.63 focal reducer. 
Richard Covey from Edmonton RASC Centre wrote:Here is my M51 image as requested for the upcoming episode with Alister Ling.Zwo asi533 MC Pro colour camera, LPro filter, Celestron C8 w/6.3 reducer, AVX mount.
Michael Wright kindly provided two sketches when we asked if he could do one for this episode.
Stephen LaFlamme kindly provided 2 images.First, with a 5” Takahashi and SBIG ST-8300 CCD camera (March 26, 2011) & And just recently, March 20-21, 2023, with a Celestron 11” SCT and SBIG STT-8300m CCD

Listener Mike in Central Illinois 175 light frames @ 30sec each, ISO160030 dark frames30 flat frames60 bias framesOrion skyview pro 8, 203mm f/4.9 newtonianOrion skyview pro eq mount with aftermarket go-toNikon d3500Manually guided through finderscope every 20 shotsPre-processed and post processed using Pixinsight
M51 Sketch and image by Wayne McGraw
Howard Banich provided this amazing sketch of M51 as seen through his large reflector over many nights.

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